Friday, December 27, 2013

Ugly 80's Dress to Cute Wrap Dress

I found this monstrosity of an 80's dress at the thrift store for $1.50. I'm not really sure why I snagged it, as it is pretty atrocious and it took me a while to figure out how to refashion it. 

So I started by removing the sleeves and the huge collar. 

Then I cinched in the sides and hacked off some length from the skirt.  With some of the extra fabric I made two 1.5'' skinny tubes. Then I seam ripped the shoulder seams apart and slid the one tube down each side of the bodice. Then I reattached and tightened the shoulder seams. Then I slid the tube over the shoulder seam to create the strappy gathered look. Voila! New wrap dress! I know it's a sundress in December but hey the temps over here in California are in the high sixties. 

I've been gone for a bit but glad to be back and refashioning!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1, 2, 3 Strapless

I love cheap dresses from the thrift store. Scored this one for $5.50. 
There was a size issue though. It was about 4 sizes too big for me. And once I cinched in the sides the straps were uncomfortable and cut into my shoulders. So since I'm lazy I just took off the straps. Done.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Tees to One Skirt, With a Twist!

Got 2 tees laying around? Then you can make this:

I've been seeing a lot of twist type skirts like this one here.

So I decided to make my own. I picked up two $1 tees at the thrift store.

Ok so, you need two large tees. You can get two tees of the same color or of two different colors. Figure out which tee will be used for the base layer, (not the one with the twist). You're going to cut this down into a pencil skirt. I used a pencil skirt that fits well to figure out how to cut the tee into a skirt. I laid the pencil skirt down on the tee traced around and left room for seam allowance on the sides. If you want a finished top of your skirt without having to sew it, use the bottom hem of your tee for the top of your skirt. I went the no hem route on the bottom. 

Once the skirt base rectangles are cut, it's time to cut the rectangle of the twisty part. This rectangle should be the same size as the base rectangle, BUT use one of the already existing side seams for the tee (Cut from the seam). 

Just to recap base layer of skirt can be one rectangle, or 2 rectangles of equal sizes. Twisty layer should be one. Why? Because when you twist this layer the side seam might show and if so you want stitching that looks blends and looks professional. 

Onto the sewing. (If you have a regular sewing machine, use stretch stitches or zig-zags). Alrighty sew up one side of the base layer. Only one. Baste the right side of the twisty fabric to one of the sides of the base layer.  One the other side of the base layer baste the wrong side of the twisty fabric to the base layer. You should have a twist! Then sew up the sides of the skirt, this should be four layers of fabric. 

Lastly position your twist. I put mine a bit off center. If you don't want your twist to move on you, put a few stitches in to secure in place and voila! It's done. 

Total cost for me $2 and some cursing at the serger...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Boring Dress to Pretty Pillowcase Dress

Snagged this 100% silk dress for a dollar at the thrift store! 

And this was my inspiration for making essentially a pillowcase dress.

So this was the first cut...

Using safety pins I made a quick test casing on the top of the dress along it's original neckline. But I felt like it didn't have enough material for pretty gathering. I tested it again lower right underneath the armholes of the dress. I found that prettier. So then I cut again, straight across right beneath the armhole on the front a back of the dress. Essentially creating a rectangle with only the side seams sewn up. 

Then I made a casing on the top of both the back and front of the dress. I made a strap 60'' long to string through the casing. You could also use a ribbon. I wanted to only tie one side of the strap to itself if want two separate pieces you'll need longer than 60'' (I just used 1.5'' of a 60'' fabric) 

Then I added a belt from the same color as the straps. I used about 9'' of 60'' fabric for the belt (using 2 pieces of 4.5" x  60". Creating a 4.5"x 120" then folded horizontally and finished off).

This refashion was super easy! And I love how it looks, especially with the matching belt! And even better total cost for materials: $1 for the dress + $2 for coral fabric for straps and belt = $3

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Black and Yellow

Got this cotton dress at the thrift store for $2.50. And it had never even been worn. It still had the Target tags on it! But black and white color combos are just boring to me. Threw it in to a golden yellow RIT dye bath. And voila! a much more interesting dress.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dye Jobs!

I've been having fun with RIT dyes.

This tank was a nice $2 find from the thrift store. I loved the zipper detailing but wasn't wild about the color. So I just dyed it darker.

This one again I loved the zippered detailing of the neckline. The top seam is a double-sided zipper. This was a $5 thrift store find. But I hated the color. So I dyed it dark green. 

And I chopped off some of its length. And paired it with a thrifted belt. 

Aqua-fying dye job

Got this dress at the thrift store for $2. And while I liked the pattern and fit. I wasn't wild about the color. So into a pot of Rit aqua dye it went.

Course the first time I wore it, the slit in the back decided to creep up an extra few inches. So now this dress is in the mending pile.

Until next time!

Maxi Polka Dot Dress to Sweetheart Hi-Low Dress

I couldn't pass up this $5 thrifted find because it's rayon and polka dotted. 'Nuff said in my opinion. The huge amount of fabric didn't hurt either. But it was all sack shaped.

So first I cinched in the sides. Then I cut the bodice like so.

The back had some lacings that I forgot to take a pic of. I used the lacings to make the spagetti straps. 

But as I wanted a sweetheart neck line I pinched and gathered at the center. 

But then I added a little band of fabric as a pretty accent. 

Then it was time for the skirt. 

I checked out some DIY's of hi-low skirts on the interwebs and some of them said to cut the skirt in kind of an 'S' curve. I did that. Here was my first cut. I rose the front up a little higher after trying it on after my first cut. 

And here's some after shots. 

Oh almost forgot to mention. Here's my inspiration. A Forever 21 dress. 

I think I got it about right. 

Blog Makeover

This blog is getting a makeover. It's going to be all crafty from now on. If you are interested in my art and illustrations go to I'm just doing a switcharoo. The new name of this blog is Enjoy

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chop Off That Length! Two Refashions

Scored this skirt for the low price of $3 at the thrift store. And while it is awesome in its long fullness I've been wanting a pleated black mini for a while.

So off with the length and a quick re-hem. But I discovered that the skirt had been made with an underskirt that didn't flare out quite nearly as much as the outer skirt. And this underskirt was sewn to the outer skirt. This resulted in weird pulling issues with the skirt. I just cut them apart hoping this would solve the problem. Oh and this skirt has Pockets! Yay!

And the new refashioned look was paired with a studded black $6 thrifted belt and a $3 thrifted tank top. 

And this dress was a lightweight possibly homemade $2 find.

All I did was chop off a bunch of the length, re-hem and pair it with a big red thrifted $6 belt. Not bad for $8 eh?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zazzle Store Now Open!

I just opened a Zazzle shop!

I'm selling iphone 5 & 4 cases with this new design!

And prints of Marie Antoinette riding a manatee in various sizes!

More designs coming soon! All proceeds go to paying for my art school :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY Circle Skirts

I've been seeing so many short full waist skirts and I wanted my own. So I made one! It was so easy, I made two.  If you want to make your own you need a square of fabric 45"- 60". (Since I'm little and I like short skirts I used about a 45" square.) And you'll also need some elastic too. Essentially what you do is fold the square into quarters and then draft quarter circles based on your own hip and length of skirt measurements. Then you make a waistband casing for the elastic. Follow these links for more in depth instructions. 

This one even has pockets! I used this link: See Kate Sew Pockets

Circle skirts are made for twirling!

Both of these skirts are 2 layers. The top layer was transparent so an opaque skirt was made to go underneath. I used the same pattern for the under and over skirts. I'd recommend finding a fabric that isn't transparent and only making one skirt. Because otherwise hemming two skirts takes quite a chunk of time.