Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dye Jobs!

I've been having fun with RIT dyes.

This tank was a nice $2 find from the thrift store. I loved the zipper detailing but wasn't wild about the color. So I just dyed it darker.

This one again I loved the zippered detailing of the neckline. The top seam is a double-sided zipper. This was a $5 thrift store find. But I hated the color. So I dyed it dark green. 

And I chopped off some of its length. And paired it with a thrifted belt. 

Aqua-fying dye job

Got this dress at the thrift store for $2. And while I liked the pattern and fit. I wasn't wild about the color. So into a pot of Rit aqua dye it went.

Course the first time I wore it, the slit in the back decided to creep up an extra few inches. So now this dress is in the mending pile.

Until next time!

Maxi Polka Dot Dress to Sweetheart Hi-Low Dress

I couldn't pass up this $5 thrifted find because it's rayon and polka dotted. 'Nuff said in my opinion. The huge amount of fabric didn't hurt either. But it was all sack shaped.

So first I cinched in the sides. Then I cut the bodice like so.

The back had some lacings that I forgot to take a pic of. I used the lacings to make the spagetti straps. 

But as I wanted a sweetheart neck line I pinched and gathered at the center. 

But then I added a little band of fabric as a pretty accent. 

Then it was time for the skirt. 

I checked out some DIY's of hi-low skirts on the interwebs and some of them said to cut the skirt in kind of an 'S' curve. I did that. Here was my first cut. I rose the front up a little higher after trying it on after my first cut. 

And here's some after shots. 

Oh almost forgot to mention. Here's my inspiration. A Forever 21 dress. 

I think I got it about right. 

Blog Makeover

This blog is getting a makeover. It's going to be all crafty from now on. If you are interested in my art and illustrations go to artnerdy.blogspot.com. I'm just doing a switcharoo. The new name of this blog is artsycraftydiy.blogspot.com. Enjoy