Friday, January 25, 2013

Chop Off That Length! Two Refashions

Scored this skirt for the low price of $3 at the thrift store. And while it is awesome in its long fullness I've been wanting a pleated black mini for a while.

So off with the length and a quick re-hem. But I discovered that the skirt had been made with an underskirt that didn't flare out quite nearly as much as the outer skirt. And this underskirt was sewn to the outer skirt. This resulted in weird pulling issues with the skirt. I just cut them apart hoping this would solve the problem. Oh and this skirt has Pockets! Yay!

And the new refashioned look was paired with a studded black $6 thrifted belt and a $3 thrifted tank top. 

And this dress was a lightweight possibly homemade $2 find.

All I did was chop off a bunch of the length, re-hem and pair it with a big red thrifted $6 belt. Not bad for $8 eh?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zazzle Store Now Open!

I just opened a Zazzle shop!

I'm selling iphone 5 & 4 cases with this new design!

And prints of Marie Antoinette riding a manatee in various sizes!

More designs coming soon! All proceeds go to paying for my art school :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY Circle Skirts

I've been seeing so many short full waist skirts and I wanted my own. So I made one! It was so easy, I made two.  If you want to make your own you need a square of fabric 45"- 60". (Since I'm little and I like short skirts I used about a 45" square.) And you'll also need some elastic too. Essentially what you do is fold the square into quarters and then draft quarter circles based on your own hip and length of skirt measurements. Then you make a waistband casing for the elastic. Follow these links for more in depth instructions. 

This one even has pockets! I used this link: See Kate Sew Pockets

Circle skirts are made for twirling!

Both of these skirts are 2 layers. The top layer was transparent so an opaque skirt was made to go underneath. I used the same pattern for the under and over skirts. I'd recommend finding a fabric that isn't transparent and only making one skirt. Because otherwise hemming two skirts takes quite a chunk of time.