Thursday, June 14, 2012

TARDIS Converse

Today I was very artsy, drew, painted and painted shoes. Will post more traditional artsy stuff manana! In addition to tomorrow's drawings. But here's a little dose of Dr. Who for ya!

In case you're not familiar with a Tardis...

 Materials: Blue converse, Sharpie fabric marker, assorted fabric paints or acrylic paint with fabric paint medium mixed in. (fabric paint is essentially acrylic paint with a special medium added to it. If you already have acrylic paint, just buy the medium!)
Step 1: get blue converse

Make a black line all the way around the top of the shoe...
Use tape to mask off edges of windows

Paint windows

Hard to tell but I used a dark blue to outline the bottom
& one side of each window. Had to do this because I didn't
push hard enough down on the tape when I used it and the
white paint bled under the tape.  

Carefully paint in white the words on top of the black.
Don't forget to concentrate, really hard!

Add some grafitti & Voila you're done!
Don't forget to heat set the paint with an iron. I don't recommend ironing directly on. Paint might stick to the iron. 

Friend says I should put the white sign from the front of the Tardis on the tongue of the shoe. What do ya think?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brush Case

So I didn't draw a single thing today. Instead I got crafty. I've been needing a brush case for a while. But I never wanted to buy one, because all the ones I saw were made just from cloth. Cloth is good and all, but not stiff enough to project bristles from incidental squishing. Apparently a lot of incidental squishing happens in my life. So I thought, what is stiff enough to protect bristles, and yet is flexible enough to be rolled up? Take a guess!          It's bamboo! Bamboo placemats to be more exact. 

I sandwiched a bamboo placemat (1 of 4 from the dollar bin at Le Target.) between 2 rectangular pieces of fabric. Pockets for the brushes were made from a separate piece. The flap that goes over the brushes is just fabric, just under the flap is were the bamboo backing starts. 

There was a little bit of difficulty planning this project because the placemat wasn't long enough for the brushes. My longest brush was 3.5'' longer than the placemat. So I had to make sure that the bamboo placemat was towards the top in the sandwiching process. 

All rolled up and protected!

Total materials: 1 bamboo placemat, a hair tie, 1 button and some heavy duty linen. Total costs under: $10. Total time to make: about a day minus the sleeping, eating and distractions, (hey look a squirrel!). Also would have been faster if my sewing machine didn't decide to hate me.

All in all pretty satisfied with the craftiness!