Saturday, October 13, 2012

Refashion: Brown Drabness to Blue & Brown Floral Cuteness

Felt the itch to make something. So pulled this dress out because I knew it would be a quickie. Sadly my old sewing machine was acting up. It was making a terrible squeaking sound by the engine part. And the cost to even open this part up would be $100. But I was able to trade my old machine in for a new Husqvarna. It just hummmmmmmmms when you sew with it. It sounds so nice and sewings verrrrrry nice too.

Anyways on to the refashion!

Found this dress for $3 at the thrift store with the original tags from the line My Michelle still attached! Never even been worn! It was of satiny shiny floral material with light brown and blue flowers. But the neckline was too high, and the dress seemed boring. 

So I lowered the neckline into a deep scoop. And made it more of a mini dress. Also popped over to the  fabric store and picked up some matching blue material. $2 later and some stitching I had a new sash. Liking my new $5 ensemble.