Thursday, December 27, 2012

Refashioning frocks

I'm not really sure why I'm refashioning little strapless numbers when it's cold outside.... but I am!

This $7 frock with a quick nip and tuck went from a large size to my size. I was amused to discover that the straps had been sewn on with fishing line by the previous owner. Fishing line! I removed all the line from the dress and resewed with thread.

This number was snagged for $1.50. I just wasn't digging the blue pastel ribbon. So I seam ripped it off.  I thought it was just decorative. But instead it connected the top and bottom of the dress together.

The dress is a thick cotton and spandex blend that came with a lining of the same thickness. I didn't see the point for that thick of a lining for something that looks like a sundress. So off with the lining! I seam ripped the skirt part. But for the bodice I cut the lining, out leaving about an inch still connected to the printed > insta-facing!

Then I replaced the blue halter strap with a black one made from the lining. Nipped in the back. And lastly took about 4.5'' from the bottom. Threw on a belt and my refashion was done.