Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Tees to One Skirt, With a Twist!

Got 2 tees laying around? Then you can make this:

I've been seeing a lot of twist type skirts like this one here.

So I decided to make my own. I picked up two $1 tees at the thrift store.

Ok so, you need two large tees. You can get two tees of the same color or of two different colors. Figure out which tee will be used for the base layer, (not the one with the twist). You're going to cut this down into a pencil skirt. I used a pencil skirt that fits well to figure out how to cut the tee into a skirt. I laid the pencil skirt down on the tee traced around and left room for seam allowance on the sides. If you want a finished top of your skirt without having to sew it, use the bottom hem of your tee for the top of your skirt. I went the no hem route on the bottom. 

Once the skirt base rectangles are cut, it's time to cut the rectangle of the twisty part. This rectangle should be the same size as the base rectangle, BUT use one of the already existing side seams for the tee (Cut from the seam). 

Just to recap base layer of skirt can be one rectangle, or 2 rectangles of equal sizes. Twisty layer should be one. Why? Because when you twist this layer the side seam might show and if so you want stitching that looks blends and looks professional. 

Onto the sewing. (If you have a regular sewing machine, use stretch stitches or zig-zags). Alrighty sew up one side of the base layer. Only one. Baste the right side of the twisty fabric to one of the sides of the base layer.  One the other side of the base layer baste the wrong side of the twisty fabric to the base layer. You should have a twist! Then sew up the sides of the skirt, this should be four layers of fabric. 

Lastly position your twist. I put mine a bit off center. If you don't want your twist to move on you, put a few stitches in to secure in place and voila! It's done. 

Total cost for me $2 and some cursing at the serger...